Which ad platforms are best for targeting the LGBTQ market?

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I would like to know which SM platforms or search platforms (Google Ads) you recommend to produce the best results for a new niche market POD tshirt shop? I've been trying Meta ads but I can't prove my ad is hitting my target market: gay men. They don't offer any keywords or interest or qualifiers in the ad system to choose the LGBTQ market at all. I've spent a couple thousand dollars on ads and I haven't made a single sale from Meta. Help! 

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You can try pinterest for low cost and maximum reach. Make sure conversion tracking.

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Hello there,


With Meta's changes to their advertising Algo, id just recommend going broad and letting the platform find your target audience. As long as your ad creative, headline etc. speak to your target audience, Meta will find them.


Along with this, It is super important to be A/B testing to improve your conversion rate. I launched Crowly some weeks ago to help merchants like you automate conversion rate optimization.


In basic terms it auto-generates descriptions and/or pricing and continuously tests the best performer against new ones. As traffic comes in, the app will find the ideal pricing and descriptions for each of your products

Alternatively, If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can handpick descriptions and pricing to test (generic A/B testing).


The app has a free plan + I'd be so happy if you could give me feedback as well 😁


If you like it, i'd be happy to send you an app credit so you can test out the Plus plan.


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