Which is better for SEO, a Page or a Blog?

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I've searched google endlessly for this but no avail.

I'm trying to figure out if I should continue to make blog posts as pages, wondering which has more weight in SEO.

I'd prefer to use Pages since Venture's blog template is a bit redundant (tags on the top and on the top right, maybe I'll just do some template editing).

So is there a difference in SEO when you put up a page and blog side by side with same content?

I do like that there are social share buttons on the bottom of blog pages, but again I feel could just edit that into Venture's Page templates.


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Hi, Evan!

Blogs are going to have a better chance at ranking higher due to a few factors.

  • Readers can subscribe to RSS feeds get update notifications

  • Activating the comments section of you blog also gives your customers an opportunity to respond

  • You may also find having the blog landing page with the list of your posts more convenient organizationally, but it’s also another page visitors can link to.

These benefits will only realistically be seen if the blog is updated regularly, otherwise they’ll have little to no effect. So to answer the question ‘which is better SEO wise, blogs or pages?’ the answer is: Blogs are better if you are actively posting and you’re getting page views. If you’re not getting traffic to either, there will be no difference in ranking.

You’ve likely already seen this, but you can edit your search engine listing preview by following this guide.

Something you might consider doing is to create a new blog template, which will allow you to customize the current template to fit your needs. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re planning on posting to your blog regularly than I’d recommend using the blog function and customizing it as opposed to using adapting pages.

Please let me know if this is helpful and if you have any other questions!


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Hey I appreciate the reply! I'll see which way flows better for my store. But you are right, activating an option that allows customer to voice their opinion on my posts/page is better than not.


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The blog is better for SEO because by to blog generate backlink and ranking website but blog in  a good Performence.

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"Website pages” refers to the commonly seen pages on any business website - home, about us,  or may be product pages. A “blog post” contains text content in the style of an article.

Blog posts can contain videos, text & images, and these things can influence rankings.

Key differences between Pages & Blog 

  • People surf for pages for information about a company and a blog posts for information about a topic.
  • Website pages are more likely to stay constant. A blog post consist of fresh ongoing content regularly.
  • Website pages are more likely to acquire links as compared to blogs as they are the natural place for linkers to send traffic.


  • Website pages are more likely to rank for popular keywords with high search volume.
  • Blog posts rank higher for long-tail keywords than head terms.
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I suggest using pages for content if it's going to be a timeless guide more in-depth than a typical blog post. On the SEO side of things, it's so minor if there's any difference.

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In my opinion, a blog is better for SEO.  

The number of blog posts is written every day can reach about 3 million every day, which means that online sellers are more and more concerned about their web content. Moreover, this method is also effective to become a marketing tool to stand out compared to other competitors.

There are multiple advantages when online sellers use blogging on Shopify such as:

  • Keep readers stay longer on online shops
  • Increase the satisfaction of customers when they are coming to the shops and discover the sites
  • Easy to update, remain and manage content on the admin dashboard
  • User-friendly and easy to understand

Want to learn how to optimize Shopify blog for SEO? Have a look at this post: https://avada.io/shopify/docs/optimize-shopify-blog-for-seo.html

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A blog would be the most obvious choice.


Adding more pages to a site can be a real pain full  job. Considering you have a E-commerce site, you wouldn't have any effect and chances are people might misunderstand your page to be a content publishing site rather than a E-commerce site. Whereas a  blog makes it clear and helps you in acquiring people who are searching for your content, who knows he might be interested in your  products. adding more blogs about phenomenons and misconceptions around your niche could be great place to start with to get engaging customers.