Which software I can use to make a national dropshipping business model?

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I'd like to sync my supplier stock to my website and when I sell it I would pass the request to the supplier to ship it directly to the customer. I know it's possible to do it with import products through Oberlo app, but Idk anything about National dropshipping 

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Hi @iago! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


If I understand it correctly, you're looking to ship to other parts of the world? Please correct me if I'm wrong!


And I see that you're looking to using Oberlo for this. While the app has its strengths, I think you should explore other options that one, gives you a wider selection of items and more flexibility in terms of shipping logistics, and two, increases your earning potential. Since you're only starting to explore shipping to globally, I think Spocket is worth checking out!


It's similar to Oberlo but most of the items the app can provide for you based on your niche come from thousands of suppliers based in the EU and the US. This is beneficial because all the products offered are only of quality due to the rigorous onboarding process of suppliers and shipping times are faster, reliable, and more efficient as well due to the geographic set-up.




If my assumptions about your intent are correct, and if I piqued your interest in some way, you can check out Spocket's website to find out more! Of course I'd also be glad to answer questions you may have here, so don't hesitate to respond to this. Hoping you get to explore the platform and see if the items we have will suit your plans for national shipping.