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Who knows a cost-effective marketing agency in India for startups?

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Can anyone tell the the genuine marketing agency/freelancer in India. Who's price are not higher and supports the startups. Any great team working out there. So please be open to mention please. Thank You so much!

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If you're exploring from email marketing perspective, then please feel free to explore our tool apart from fantastic tool we have great team of experienced customer success folks to help you with implementation and execution of ecommerce usecases 

Here are couple of links to learn you more on how we help ecommerce marketers - 
https://mailmodo. com/guides/shopify-email-list/
https://mailmodo. com/shopify-email-marketing/

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You can use the Facebook、Tiktok or Google advertising to help your marketing.I can provide you some free advertise account,you only need to recharge to run ads.