Why am I being charged for non-existent add to cart events on Facebook ads?

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Hey guys,


I wasn’t sure where else to go with this especially because Facebook support keep auto closing my ticket with the response “Due to limited support resources, this case will now be closed automatically.”


 Basically I have a conversion ad on fb and for some reason my budget was spent because someone added to cart on my website and my ads manager is reporting an “Add to cart” event which I’m now being charged for, however, when I check my Shopify dashboard I can see that there hasn’t been any add to cart events.


 What gives??? Facebook auto closes any support tickets and they’re taking money from me for no reason. What should I do?

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Hi Halenautica,

Hope you are doing well:)

It seems like you have a problem with your facebook pixel which records wrong tracking. 
If you have an screenshot of the issue then please share with me, I am ready to help you in this issue. 

Yashi Sharma

Email - yashi0808.ps@gmail.com

Shopify Expert | Marketing