Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my ecommerce site?

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Hi, ive had a shopify account for about a month or two, paying for ads, organic growth techniques all that and nothing seems to help. I get the traffic but no sales. 

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What is the website? I'd be happy to do a brief audit. 

And is the business new, or is it just that you've only recently added an online/Shopify store.

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Hello Thezadas,

I have reviewed your website and i have found plenty of serious issues if you can fix them and market website right way then you can get sales out of it. 
1- You need domain if you dont have already.
2- When i open your website first. it shows me popup with dummy content when i close that then another popup covering complete screen which is very bad impression. 
3- after getting through steps i checkout your home page where you dont have enough information about your categories products.

4- Your first collection have zero products it should be on last if products are not yet ready.

5- Collecitons which have products it's not shown correctly all of the page is covered by other SEO data and products tiles are too small for user to see and decide if they want it or not. 


If you can cover these problems and then market your products rightly using dynamic ads specially collection wise then you'll be able to generate sales. I have recently exprienced an app for dynamic ads on every social media ads even it works on google shopping you can try that as well link given below.



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Hi @Mabs1,


Something that is very important is ensuring that the traffic/leads coming to your store are high quality and purchase-ready. SEO can help with this. A great way to boost the SEO of your store is to have consistent, high-quality and optimized blog posts. This gives the search engine crawlers more content to index and shows activity on your storefront.


Blog Pilot automates the blog post creation and management process for you, posting once per week automatically. We offer a free trial as well!




Happy to answer any questions you might have about blogging and SEO. Feel free to reply to this comment or shoot us a message directly!

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