Why am I not making any sales with my dropshipping business?

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I’ve been dropshipping for a bit and ive spent about $140 on tiktok ads. and still nothing. my metrics are good on tiktok just no one adds to cart or checks out. ive tried three different products one being a mini printer, a 5 in 1 hairstyler and a slushie cup maker. my website is heatherhome.shop


ive been dropshipping for a month or so. ive invested a lot of time and im trying to make this a main source of income.


could someone please help me make some sales?

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I like Jona_mike's advice.


I would also add that if you're not working with a professional marketer, creating winning social media ads can be quite difficult, usually taking time and various experiments to see what works for your desired audience and product market fit.


If you don't have the budget to hire a marketer yet, I would start with Google Shopping / Google Ads. These usually have a higher conversion rate, and can start getting you some customers while you get feedback and experiment with other marketing strategies.


With dropshipping, other people are already selling the same product, so you have to work extra hard on creating a great experience and branding. Make an emotional connection with the customers so they want to do business from you.

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Deep dive to know your ideal customer by persona and try different kinds of products to sell by experiment. And see what product to win.