Why am I not seeing results from my Facebook Ads campaign?

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I have spent 115$ on Facebook Ad and just only got 1 Sale , www.christxmasly.com is my website, Did so many changes in website still people are clicking the  Ad but not adding to card and checking out.


Facebook pixel is installed perfectly but for the christmas facebook ads manager does not have so many interest, only 1-4 interest about christmas 

if anyone can help me with running facebook ads please reach out.


No promoters or marketers only those who genuinely wants to help


would really appreciate if anyone can guide me, I have worked so hard building my website and if wont run all of the efforts and work i put in will be 0. Only marketing factor is holding sales back.



Best Regards.

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Hey friend, you can get your first sale try CBO ad with 3-5 interest. Don't only target Christmas try another one related to your product.


Make sure:

- Good creative video 

- Try one ad at least 3 days  

- If you're not getting results in CBO then try ABO with $30 budget for each ads set with different targeting.


Research demand of your product. Add offers & discounts on your site. 

Hope this will help you 🙂


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I would be glad to give you some suggestions and help you get on track. Overall, your website looks really awesome, and as you said, you got people clicking on the AD, not adding to cart or checking out. The core part of this issue could be "MARKETING". How to improve your conversion ratio, for example. You gotta think about the following questions logically, how to turn their interest into purchases, and maybe why your potential customers didn't finally buy your products even when Christmas is coming.
So, my suggestion is to try some marketing automation tool. I am not sure how many loyal customers you got. Firstly, popup is great, you asked people to leave their emails to earn coupons. But you have to use marketing tools to manage your customers and, more specifically, to make your customers or potential customers feel that they are getting personalized service. CDP(customer data platform) is the best module on solving this issue. It stores all types of customers, and tags them into different groups. Next step is to use marketing automation, for example, when you realize that someone is abandoning the cart, then you should send them coupons or other preferential policies to get them back. To achieve all the above, you can try QuickCEP, an all-in-one marketing tool. It includes more than what you need. Besides the CDP and marketing automation, it also has chatbot function. Its chatbot can help you assist your customers 24/7, then you will not lose a single customer acquisition opportunity.
For the Facebook ads problem, don't worry too much. Since the peak of Christmas isn't coming yet, and you could also try some other ways to run your ads. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us! Btw, you can earn 10,000 free emails if you sign up now!
Best Regards,
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