Why are customers abandoning checkout on my drop shipping site?

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Hello I started my drop shipping website 2 months ago and I have worked really hard on it I use the TikTok ads I get the traffic and I get some sales but many people reach check out but they don't buy what do you guys think is the problem I work really hard on the design I work really hard on the product page I have so many payment options so I don't know what is the problem I can't figure it out

The website is Lasttrendsstore.com 

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Do you have an email list? It might help get prospects from TikTok or who visit your site onto your email list so you can nurture the relationship to drive more conversions. Otherwise, if you're just spending on ads, you only have one shot to convert them. But if they're on your email list, you have multiple opportunities.

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Hello @Amro456,


Greetings! I am Gina from the flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

It sounds like you are putting a lot of effort into your dropshipping website, but are still experiencing a high number of abandoned checkouts. I advise a few things to consider in order to improve your conversion rates.

1. I noticed your product title and description are not SEO friendly
Crafting an ideal SEO product title and URL can aid search engines in comprehending the nature of your merchandise and boost traffic to your website. Therefore, it's advisable to maintain a unique and specific product title and URL.

Make your product pages more informative by adding detailed product descriptions that outline the features and benefits of your products. Providing this valuable information can help increase customer engagement and encourage sales.

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2. Add Buy Now button which will simplify the purchasing process for consumers, improving their customer experience.
Also, ensure that the checkout process is easy and straightforward for your customers. Remove any unnecessary steps or distractions that may cause customers to abandon their cart. Consider offering guest checkout to streamline the process even further.

3. Use abandoned cart emails to remind customers about the products they left in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchases. These emails can be highly effective in recovering lost sales.

4. Use retargeting ads to reach out to customers who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase. These ads can help remind them of the products they viewed and encourage them to complete their purchase.

5. Consider offering discounts and promotions to incentivize customers to make a purchase. This can include free shipping, a percentage off, or free gifts.

Finally, it's important to continuously test and iterate on your website and marketing strategies. Try different approaches and track the results to see what works best for your business. By consistently improving your website and marketing efforts, you can steadily increase your conversion rates over time.


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Another thing to think about is that your website must be fast.


The development of advanced technology has made people a bit impatient. Believe it or not, more than 50% of website visitors expect the web page to upload in less than 3 seconds. You won’t have the chance to show your brand identity or offer the product if your eCommerce store doesn’t upload fast. 

It is not a secret that eCommerce stores have a large number of elements on their websites. There are a lot of images, videos, and textual content that do have high requests. That’s why you should use effective practices to speed up the load time. 

First, you should try to reduce the number of UTTP requests. Also, we recommend you explore all the HTML, CSS, and JS files. Check out if there are any line breaks, extra spaces, or anything else that you can afford to eliminate. These “small details” are the common reason the page needs more time to upload. 

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