Why are my ads showing purchases but no activity on my ecommerce site?

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I have a major issue. My ads are showing website purchases but I've no activity on the Shopify website. I've a very less number of orders today as compared to previous days. My add-to carts are much much high but got no orders. I am not getting what the issue is. Whether its Shopify's malfunction or anything else. Please give me your valuable support.

And Second Issue is:

issue starting yesterday when the user goes to the checkout the proceed to payment button was not working and continuously loading 

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The second issue has auto-generated in night no one has worked on the website thats why the sale is slow on website because sessions are closed on checkout and not complete the order

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Hi @zeesy, it is likely that the first issue "My ads are showing website purchases but I've no activity on the Shopify website." is related to the setup of your pixel.


I had a look at your site and can see that your pixel is throwing up an error when someone adds to cart: 



Also, the value that the pixel is recording at this point says 499.00, however the product I added to the cart is €2,12 EUR.


At this stage it would probably be useful if you had someone review your Facebook pixel implementation and ensure that it is firing correctly for the various conversion events across your site.


I hope this helps. All the best. B


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Hi @zeesy


Discrepancies between third-party analytics and Shopify analytics may happen for a number of reasons:

With that said, you mentioned that at the same time as you're seeing purchases on your Facebook ads you're getting a lot of "add-to-carts" but no orders in your store. Do you mean that you're seeing an increase in abandoned checkouts?

Another reason you might see a discrepancy between third-party data and your Shopify store is if the purchases were made through a third-party checkout. For example, if you're based in the US and using Facebook and Instagram Checkout, then it's entirely possible that the purchases are happening through Facebook checkout and not through your Shopify website - which is why the purchases are not appearing in your store.

However, you did also say that your second issue is that your proceed-to-payment button is not working, so I can't help but wonder if the two issues are related. What theme are you using? What edits have you made to the theme code? And what payment gateway are you using, please?

The more context you can give me about how your store was built, and what tools you're using for your checkout, the better I can troubleshoot this with you!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.