Why are my email analytics reporting zero sessions and sales?

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I can't find an answer to this problem in these forums or online so wondering if anyone can help, please?


Our email analytics is not working. We have over 3,000 subscribers but whenever we send an email the analytics reports 0 sessions and 0 sales. We have a very engaged database and high open rates (40%+) so I find it hard to believe the sales and particularly sessions report is correct. 


Our other site reports sessions and sales correctly, but this site always reports 0 for those metrics. 


I've tried changing the tracking settings in settings > notifications > email marketing but this made no difference. 


Anyone come across this before?



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Hello JonMoo

In your Shopify admin, click Settings.
Click Notifications
In the Email marketing section, choose either Optimize open tracking (recommended), Track all email opens, Ask for consent, or Do not track.
Click Save.
The open tracking options determine how your Shopify store collects analytics for Shopify Email:

Optimize open tracking (recommended): Shopify collects the open rates for your email marketing campaigns, and helps to maintain your sender reputation. If you want to balance customer data privacy choices with data reporting, then choose this setting.

Track all email opens: The number of subscribers that open your email marketing campaigns, also known as the open rate, is collected. This setting gives you the most detailed open rate reporting.

Ask for consent: Subscribers can opt in to tracking by clicking Opt in to email open tracking in the footer of your email marketing campaigns. The amount of subscribers that open your emails, known as the open rate, is reported based on subscribers who opt in, combined with overall email engagement, such as link clicks.

Do not track: Your email open rate isn't reported. Other analytics for your email marketing campaigns, such as the number of clicks from subscribers, are still collected.


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Hi Nabi,

Thanks for the reply, however, as per my post- I've tried the various tracking options in notification settings. 


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Hi Jon, did you find a way around this? I have the exact same issue. I can see orders coming through using the discount code I've sent in an email but the report says 0 sales. 
thank you 🙂