Why are my Facebook ads for bear tees not generating any sales?

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 I have recently launched an online store, which sells bear t shirts and hoodies.. I set up several Cold Traffic & Retargeting campaigns to make first sales, but it has been more than a week and I haven't received a single sale from these Ads.


I initially I stared with conversion optimization for purchases but since I have 0 purchase events, Facebook predicted I will get 0 and suggested I optimize for landing page views. I did so with a collection ad. I set up conversions again  set up for landing page. I spent 30$ and got 33k impressions and 1k landing page views. CPM 3$ and CPC 0.03 cents. And I still got 0 sales. 


My website is www.bear-tees.com

The funny part is Facebook ads says i got 1000 landing page views but yet I got 0 people filling my subscribe pop up to get 5% discount which seems very odd. Something is very very odd here.  Please help me out cause I am desperate.


P.S. My pixel seems to be working fine. I even tested it with the extension for chrome.

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I can't help with your problem but just some feedback from me. Whenever I visit an online store and I'm pushed with a 'SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER' pop up before I've even had a second to view what the site can even offer me, I just close it down and go to the next search result on Google.


I am not alone in this. I know quite a lot of people who also just shut down their browser when they're met with these pop-up bombardments.


A more subtle approach would be a banner at the top with a 'claim your 5% discount' or something similar.


Anyway, best of luck with the store, I just wanted to let you know why some people might be put off and might not necessarily either buy your items or give you their email address.

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thank you for the feedback. the pop up loads after scrolling down 30% so it is not right away. as a constant online shopper i do like getting 10% for no reason just for signing up. cheers!