Why are my Facebook ads not generating sales?

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could somebody help me with Facebook ads ? I have created some ads with no sales though..

thanks !! 

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Hello I can help you solve your Facebook Ads problem 

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Very glad to hear from your question. Your question needs to be analyzed from these three dimensions: advertisements, customers, and products. Since I’m not able to check your advertisements and websites, I believe you can check them yourself by following the suggestions below and hope this advice could help you out.
1. The audience for advertising
It is recommended that you narrow the scope of the group when you start advertising, which can better meet your current requirements, use more accurate traffic, and form conversion. You should continuously optimize the materials that you put in this process so that they can attract customers who are interested in your products.
You can test it out on a smallscale first, and then conduct a large-scale test when conversive behaviour happens.
2. conversion of customer
Users who are interested in the product will come to your website. Complete the construction of your website, add some comments on your product details page, remove the untrust barriers for customers to facilitate purchase behaviour, and boost conversion.
You can also add some third-party conversion tools that include email address collecting tools and automatic marketing tools. After users enter the website, find a right time to collect their email address. During holidays, large-scale store events, and new shopping events in the store, you can filter valuable customers, push activities emails to them, and increase conversion.
3. Product page optimization
You must pay attention to the design of the pictures and content on the product page. customers will only pay attention to the usage scenarios related to their own life scenes, so put this kind of pictures of the product as many as possible in your page and add words that conform the customer needs.
By optimizing the content of the above 3 points, the conversion will definitely be formed later. For the second marketing tools in the content, please take a look at our products, QuickCEP, a really cost-effective, useful marketing app. It helps you do all-round marketing automation with professional advice, build your customer data platform , and it also has chatbot function, which means you don't need to pay for Tidio, Omnisend, Klaviyo any more. Fill in the invitation code with '10KE' when registering, you'll get 1-year free trial, and 10,000 free emails for free!
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Hello the link is guardarobastyle.com 

I have to do also seo I did nothing until today 😳


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Hello i can help you with proper seo for your website

contact me at asarocky798@gmail.com

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Hi @Guardarobastyle, your site and brand looks great, products and price proposition is strong and your social engagement is high. You look to be in good shape to fuel your growth with ads, especially on social channels.


If you're happy to do the work yourself our self service app might be an option for you. It will help you figure out what's working and where to invest your efforts.


As part of the service you also get support from our ads team who can guide you as you build out your different sales strategies.


Im any case I hope you find a good solution for you. It looks like you'll do great if you get the right strategy in place. B

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Hello 👋 I came across your request on this platform actually this similar problem is also happening in my store but no more since when I met a guy which provide me some tips on how to solved the problem if you don't mind I can link you guys up