Why are my TikTok store conversions lower than checkouts?

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Hi All,


I've been running Google ads to Ecom stores for a few years but have recently started to advertise on TikTok.


With most stores I've worked on I usually get the below numbers (average)


Add to Cart - 10

Begin Checkout - 7

Conversions - 3


However for my new store on TikTok I'm getting:


Add to Cart - 23

Begin Checkout - 20

Conversions - 3


I had a comment on one of my ads suggesting that they didn't purchase because it wasn't indexed in Google, so I've requested indexing etc.


Can anyone think of any other reasons why the conversions compared to begin checkout are so low? I've got free shipping etc like other stores I have ran in the past.


I've done a trial checkout and it works fine.





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Hey there,


Exploring TikTok ads and seeing a high level of engagement with your store is promising. It's clear you're capturing interest, but the drop-off before finalizing the purchase is certainly puzzling.


Since you've already taken steps to ensure your store's visibility by requesting Google indexing, it might be beneficial to directly reach out to those who have added to cart or initiated checkout but haven't completed the purchase. This direct contact can shed light on potential issues that aren't immediately apparent.


A personal touch can be incredibly effective. It allows you to gather feedback on why customers are hesitating and provides an opportunity to address any concerns they might have. Sometimes, the reasons behind cart abandonment can be as simple as a website error or as complex as payment security concerns. By having these conversations, you can identify any patterns or common themes, which you can then act upon to optimize your checkout process.


This hands-on approach could be the key to turning those near conversions into sales, and it could also offer insights that might lead to larger improvements in your sales process.


Best of luck with your store, and keep pushing for those conversions!

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