Why are my URL redirects not working on my online products?

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Hi! I have several products that were online but now are set up as drafts. That's why I redirected those broken urls to the correct items that are now online. But redirections are not working. I have screen shots that show the redirect was done, but if you write the url y shows again the error 404. I asked 5 times to Shopify Support about this, but they still don't have an answer. Please help ! thanks

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Hello @martinagalesta,


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Can you share the URL redirect screenshot here?

Meanwhile here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Verify that the URL redirects are set up correctly in your Shopify admin. Make sure you've entered the correct source URL (the broken URL) and the target URL (the correct URL) in the redirect settings. Also, ensure that the redirect type is set appropriately (e.g., 301 permanent redirect).

2. Sometimes, the browser cache can interfere with URL redirections. Clear your browser cache and try accessing the redirected URLs again to see if they work correctly.

3. Test the URL redirections in different web browsers to determine if the issue is specific to a particular browser. This will help identify whether it's a browser-related problem or an issue with the redirects themselves.

4. Review any third-party apps or settings that may be affecting URL redirections on your Shopify store. Disable any recently installed apps temporarily and test the redirects to see if the issue persists. If the redirections work without the apps enabled, you can narrow down the problem to a specific app and reach out to its support for assistance.

5. Ensure that your domain's DNS settings are properly configured. Contact your domain registrar or hosting provider to confirm that the necessary DNS records, such as CNAME or A records, are correctly pointing to your Shopify store. Incorrect DNS settings can cause issues with URL redirections.

Go through this guide and make sure you have set up the URL redirect correctly. 

Hope this helps


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GINA! thanks for your answer. I think everything you mentioned is checked, the only thing I am not doing is applying a 301 permanent redirect, because I see that shopify redirects are done authomaticaly. I can show you the screens. I think in shopify you don't need to apply 301 but please let me know if I am confused !! thanks !! 😍1. White bowls.png5. Ecru Tablecloth.png