Why are some Facebook ad goals improperly tracked in Google Analytics?

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Is anyone able to help me or give me any advice why when tracking Facebook ads with Google Analytics - Universal Analytics some of the "add to carts" and "purchase" goals are tracked properly and others are not. I've set up UTM parameters, under Source/Medium I can see "Facebook ads" and the placement of the ads (desktop feed, mobile feed etc.), but for some of the "add to carts" and "purchase" goals it is showing "facebook.com / referral" and i don't get it why. It looks like it is tracking some purchases and others not. I don't know if it's because of the IOS update, I can see a purchase in the Facebook Events Manager, but not showing in the Ads Manager, and in Google Analytics is showing as "facebook.com / referral".
This is the UTM parameter that I used:    
Also another thing that i noticed is that under Source/Medium one of the fields is showing "Facebook_Ads / {{placement}}" instead of showing the real placement.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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have you contacted the support?

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I've sent them an email like 10 days ago, but still no reply 😕