Why are there lots of link clicks but no adds to cart on my Facebook ad?

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Hello guys, I wonder if anyone had the same issue with the same conditions.

The case is I am running a Facebook ad, I got a lot of link clicks but no add to cart, the following could help you to understand the situation more.
The business: New with less than 100 add to cart + 10 purchases
FB ad optimization: conversion - add to cart
Audience: Retargeted from a brand awareness ad + lookalike + related interests
Daily budget: 25$
When it started: 3 days ago
Reach: 2875
Impression: 3612
CTR: 2.77%
Link clicks: 100
Add to cart: 1
FB ad: video for a single product (find the video link below)
The link: It's the same product page (you can find the link below)

The product link: 

FB ad video link:

Is that a normal ratio? 
If not, can anyone advice me.


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Hi @Zafeer,


From my experience, this is normal:


  • You have a new business, so Facebook doesn’t have many data about your business (purchases, traffic, add to carts, time spend on your site…). This means that delivery of your ads isn’t effective right now.
  • It’s Xmas season — lots of eshops are spending incredible amount of money right now, so it’s difficult to win the ad auction.
  • iOS and privacy changes — yes, they had impact on ad delivery and reporting.
  • Running brand awareness campaign — be aware of where your ads show up. If you use this marketing objective, FB usually uses placements such as right column, messenger…use manual placement and choose more visible placements. Plus, I would try video views instead and create audience based on people who watched at least xxx sec of your video.
  • You can also try running catalogue sales, but since your business is new, be prepared to not get immediate results.

If you would like to discuss this further, let me know.

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