Why are visitors not converting on my website?

Why are visitors not converting on my website?

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I just wanted to reach out because I've been having issues converting on my website, betterions.com. I've had about 750 visitors in a month through mostly Facebook ads. I've gotten 4 added to carts and 2 reached checkout on my site. The checkout fully works, I believe as I have bought one to test and had a friend in Canada buy one to test and there were no issues. We have free 1-3 day shipping for all of the US as well. Our website is also pretty solid with 15 real reviews. Why are we not converting at all? We've checked almost everything and there are no back end issues, and we also have a good amount of reached checkout and added to cart. Why won't they follow through and complete the purchase? Thanks for helping, Ryan.

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Hello Ryan, This is a serious problem all store owners usually encounter because they don't know the secret of setting up a well converting and effective marketing strategy. Setting up a well converting marketing only involve FOUR basic steps which are;

1) Preparing ground for traffic by completely automate your store for new and existing visitors

2) Driving real and targeted customers from social media (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING)

3) Fully products and store SEO optimization both on-page and off-page SEO

4) Complete Email marketing.


But i wonder why all store owners start from the wrong place rather than proper or sequential approach. So you can reach out to me through the below link for better strategy and approach for your store good and fast sales.


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