Why aren't my Facebook ads converting on SlickPurple?

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Help. My Facebook ads are not converting. Here's what I have so far


 My store link is slickpurple.com

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Hello. My store URL is slickpurple.com

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Hello @TommyIsBae,

Here are some of the reason why spending a lot on Facebook ad campaign won’t result in better ROI

1. You don’t have enough targeted audience.
You can target audiences like all your past website visitors, your blog readers
2. Your targeting parameters needs to optimize properly.
3. Your facebook users/friends aren’t shoppers.
4. You aren’t segmenting ad campaigns. Segmenting helps to target multiple customer segments at the same time with different social media platforms.
5. Low relevance score
There are three key advantages of a higher relevance score that advertisers will enjoy:
        > Reaching more people for less money
        > Helping advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign  
        > Optimizing campaigns in progress
Facebook uses its Relevance Score scale (1-10) to rank ads based on how engaging and interesting your ads are to your selected audience. The higher your score, the better. 6. Your ad set budget is too low
If you go too low, this could mean you’re not getting the reach you want to see.
7. Your audience is too small
It’s better to put more money into your audience rather than targeting irrelevant audience members just to increase your audience size.
8. You missed the mark for your target audience
9. Overlapping audiences
If you’re targeting the same audience with multiple ads, this can drastically reduce deliverability. Not to mention, it will also raise your costs!

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Hello @TommyIsBae!


I see you have gotten some great advice in this thread so far, but I just wanted to add to it here to offer you more help.


I had a look at your store since you provided the link - you have done a really great job! The website looks sleek and professional, and I love how you have a lot of detail surrounding your product on the home page to really make sure that your customers get all the info.


As some feedback, I did notice one potential accessibility issue in your header:




As you can see from the above screenshot, I have highlighted the areas where it is hard to see your menu items and the store's Search bar. I suggest you change the colour of those items by going to your Online Store > Themes > Customize, then head to Theme settings on the left hand side, and finally Colours. The exact name of the item that needs to be changed to fix this colour issue varies from theme to theme, so I recommend you test a few of them there in order to find the right one. 


Again, many of the different ways in which you could convert have already been discussed in this thread, so I wanted to also include our own resources around this topic which I believe will be helpful to you at this time:



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Hi @TommyIsBae, are you splitting your ad campaigns into different regions? It's highly recommended because it's easier for you to control and observe CPC/CPA/CPM and performance of each of the campaigns so that you can optimize them separately.

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Hi @TommyIsBae ,


Here are the potential reasons that your campaign is not converting:

  1. Target audience is niche: you might set up too many keywords in one campaign that limits your target audience, and the numbers are not big enough to drive conversions
  2. Check your ads copy: your ads copy and photos are consistent, but they might not be closely relevant to your landing page.
  3. Check your landing page: I've checked your website, and the first screen does not show clearly what product you are selling, and the search bar menu is not visible as much. 

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I know this issue could be persistent even after months of trying. Try the Reactflow app to see exactly what your visitors do after coming into your shop. IF is there anything that needs to be optimized or prevent them from purchasing.

I also recommend Hitsteps app for more general web analytics to get a better idea of your shop.