Why can't I completely uninstall a theme from my online store?

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Hello Shopify Team.
We are in the process of reorganizing our store.
We reviewed some of the themes we received. And we felt some glitches in these themes. When we want to remove our theme, it comes back again. When installing the Simple theme, it contains the data of the EcomSolid - DO NOT DELETE theme. We want to completely remove EcomSolid - DO NOT DELETE theme. We want to reinstall Simple theme, please help with this.







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Understood, because of some issues you are unable to uninstall a theme that has written "EcomSolid - DO NOT DELETE" in the name. I believe, there must be something with this theme that attracts it back to the store and someone has that's why named it this way.


I'm a Shopify Partner Developer, I'll get deep into the problem and will help you fix it. Please get in touch with me in inbox by sharing your store link or write an email to contact@baldeepdhurkot.com



Thank you!