Why can't Shopify see visitor sessions?

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Why doesn't Shopify see visitors' sessions? I ran a Facebook ad, it says visitors have clicked on the site 132 times but Shopify says 0 sessions... I checked, the link is active and leads to the site...

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Shopify should be able to track visitor sessions, so it's possible that there may be an issue with the tracking setup. Here are some possible reasons why Shopify may not be showing any sessions despite the Facebook ad showing clicks.

1. Delay in tracking
It can take a few minutes for Shopify to record a session after a visitor clicks on your Facebook ad. If the ad was recently launched, give it some time for Shopify to catch up and start recording sessions.

2. Tracking code installation
Make sure that you have installed the Facebook pixel or any other tracking codes correctly on your Shopify store. Without these codes, Shopify won't be able to track visitors' sessions.

3. Ad targeting
If your ad targeting is not correctly set up, you may be getting clicks from people who are not interested in your product or website, resulting in no sessions being recorded.

4. Ad blocking
Visitors may have ad-blocking software installed on their browser, which prevents the tracking code from executing and recording the session.

5. Redirects
If the link in your Facebook ad redirects to another page before reaching your Shopify store, this can cause issues with session tracking.

6. Analytics settings
Double-check that your analytics settings are properly configured and that your data isn't being filtered out or otherwise restricted in any way.

It's important to note that the number of clicks reported by Facebook may not match the number of sessions recorded by Shopify, as they may be tracking different metrics. It's also possible that some clicks on your ad are accidental or fraudulent, which could skew the reported click-through rate.


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