Why Did My Audience Stop Clicking?

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I’ve had my Facebook campaign for about 4 days and from the start I had some good audiences with good CPC around $.12-.16 that’d I kept and also had good CTR around 12%-17%, the only thing was my CPM which was like $20 which is pretty high I know. But yesterday when I made some changes and mainly just duplicated the adsets to run another 24 hours, I woke up to horrible numbers. All the audiences that were good now have a CPC of like $.25-.40. The CPR also dropped to like 5-7% , my CPM stayed the same but why would my audiences go from good numbers to absolutely horrible? I didn’t make any changes besides just changing the dates the ads were up and running. If anyone has any suggestions it is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Kyle!

Have you looked at the other metrics around this, like the ad relevance + frequency? Those might be the factors driving up your costs/lowering results. Though without looking at your numbers, I am not sure if it's possible to know what specifically may be the case.

I also saw your previous post where you said that you were worried about there being an issue with your site because of the abandoned carts and no checkouts? Have you managed to address that?


Wishing you luck!

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