Why did my sales drop suddenly after December 1st?

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We're running the same campaign and ads on both google and facebook that gave us great results from sep to dec. Targeting our most sold products which skyrocketed in sales last year, jan 2021. 

But for some reason, we're seeing a sudden drop in sales, from doing £300 - £900 a day to hardly getting any orders. 

Even though we have more reviews, decent social media engagements and ranking well on search engines. Let us knw if it's a generic problem in the UK or we're the only one having this problem. 

Also, what shd we do to avoid such things happening again. 

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Hi @ebluk, thanks for your question. Are all your ad campaigns running well? If you notice your campaigns have higher CPA/CPC, maybe they're not as effective as they used to be, you can start changing your ad creatives one by one to see if there are any differences. Since you have more reviews already, we think it'd be a great idea to use your customers' testimonials as ad material and run on platforms.


Hope this helps!

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