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Why do all my blog posts show as news on Google?

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Looking for some advice on the blog posts section. 


On google, my blogs are showing like this.

news 3.JPG

The title of the blog is as shown above so why do all my blogs show as news. 

Any advice would be appreciated!



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Hey @StarMintz 


That particular page is your main blog category page. The meta title is "News" So it makes sense that this particular page only shows News in search results. The description is being pulled from an image alt text as it doesn't look like you have a meta description assigned.


New is just the name of your blog which you can change.

1. Online Store -> Blog Posts -> Manage Blogs. Select the News blog and edit the name.

2. Online Store -> Navigation -> View URL redirects. If needed, you can use this article to set up your blog redirects in bulk.


If you choose to rename your blog, make sure you set up redirects (#2) above or it will cause a slew of issues for your SEO and your customers.


You may also benefit from adding structured data to your blog posts. Though you can't control exactly what Google shows in search results, adding structured data helps Google to better understand what the page is about and you can qualify for search enhancements which can lead to more quality traffic.


Hopefully, that helps but if you have any questions, let me know.


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