Why do some of my blog posts not show up on google?

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Here is my site: standouthairco.com


when doing a site:standouthairco.com on google, only a few of the blog posts actually show up. Can anyone explain how to resolve this?

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It takes time for Google to crawl into your website and index the different blogs and pages. Sometimes, it doesn't happen, and one has to force index your blogs for them to show on Google.
This blog is the first one that comes in the Google Search. Check it out, and hopefully, you will be able to index your blogs.
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Ishan Chauhan

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Hi @anpanman ,


Have you set up a Google Search Console account yet? It's a "communication tool" with Google to inform them about your site structure and all the pages you want to be found on Google.


Every store owner who wants their store to be found on Google needs to set one up and also submit the store sitemap (how pages are interlinked).


When Google receives this information, it will be put into a queue to be added to their data repository. As Google has limited resources, they prioritize larger sites with more traffic and smaller newer sites take a longer time to be added to their data repository. i.e. indexed


In terms of getting your blog posts found on Google - Google takes a while to "discover new pages" of small new sites. To expedite the indexing process, you can submit individual URLs to request for indexing - telling Google about these new pages. They will be added to the queue and subsequently indexed. Once the pages are indexed, they will be found on Google for relevant keyword searches.


For step by step information, you can check out my YouTube video for details.


Good luck,


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I do have google search console but it only recognizes 35 pages out of 400+ according to the report. 

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Hi @anpanman 

There are many issues that might prevent your blogs from being indexed by Google. And I find this blog post from Ahrefs quite insightful on this matter. They cover the common issues that your blogs don't get indexed and provide you clear solutions like:

  • Crawl blocks in your robots.txt file
  • The sitemap you submitted may not include all your blogs (indexable pages not in your sitemap)
  • Rogue canonical tags
  • Your blog content is yet to be valued enough

I hope that this helps!

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Hi Anpanman,

We have not noticed any abnormalities in the indexing of your site. After checking, we realized that your site only has about 100 available URLs that can be indexed. And basically, your site was about 80% indexed (at the time we checked).

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