Why does Google Ads show more clicks than visitors on my online store?

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I set up Google Ads yesterday and it seems to have already been much better for me than Social Media.


However I am having an issue I think.


it says 10,000+ Impressions and 200+ Link Clicks on my Google Ads but my Shopify is saying I have only had 20 Visitors.


I’ve tried refreshing and changing device etc but it’s still saying the same. Is one of the information incorrect?

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Hi @MoxLinkServices 


Here are three common reasons why you have 200+ clicks but only 20 visitors in your Shopify report:


  1. Some visitors may click your ad but leave your site before Shopify even records their visit. This can happen if your store takes a while to load or if visitors bounce before the tracking scripts have a chance to fire.
  2. Your Google Analytics and Shopify reports may have different time zone reporting
  3. Google Ads may record clicks from automated bots or click farms that do not represent genuine visitors


For more information, you can refer to this help doc article from Shopify: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/reports-and-analytics/discrepancies 


I hope that this helps!

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check if it's tracking code is proper or not.

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what kind of ads are you running are you targeting your ads correctly 

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