Why does the GCLID parameter drop from the URL on product pages?

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I am having an issue with tracking Google Shopping as the GCLID is dropped from the URL. The issue seems to be that I am not able to add any parameters to the URL and the issue is only occurring on product pages. 

For example, the issue occures on this page when adding the parameter "gclid=TeSter-123". 


Why is the parameter dropped when loading the URL?

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Visually these are always dropped.

However if you can not track data, this is most likely due to you choosing manual UTM tracking in Google Analytics. Make sure to have it set to automatic.

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Thank you for your reply.

The GCLID is not dropped when I load other pages that are not product pages. Usually the parameters added to the URL is not visually dropped? 

I have not enabled manual UTM tracking in Google Analytics. 

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I have the same problem on my site. Did you end up figuring it out?

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If you are adding manually GCLICK I'd then in analytics you need to turn on manual tracking of Glick 

If you are not setting any Glick I'd manually then In analytics keep Glick yes tracking on as automatically. 

Also in Google ads in settings check tracking options. 

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