Why is ecomm_totalvalue=NaN in GA4 for item views?

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Question for the marketing experts.  I've been seeing this in GA4 for item views,  ecomm_totalvalue=NaN.  I can see a value there for add_to_cart events but not for item views.


Should this value be defined for item views and remarketing efforts?  Is there something missing in my store config?  I'm using the google channel ga4 integration.


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Hello @RCinRVA,


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The ecomm_totalvalue parameter is used in GA4 to track the total value of products in an ecommerce transaction, and it should be defined for both add_to_cart events and item views.

If you're seeing NaN for the ecomm_totalvalue parameter in your GA4 reports for item views, it's likely that there is something missing in your store configuration.

First, ensure that your product data is being sent correctly to Google Analytics for both add_to_cart events and item views. Check the data layer or tag manager setup to make sure that all the required parameters, including ecomm_totalvalue, are being passed correctly.

Are you using the Google channel GA4 integration? If so, make sure that your integration settings are configured correctly. Check the settings to ensure that all required parameters are being sent to GA4.

Consider using a debugging tool like Debugger for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)  to verify that the product data is being captured correctly. See if the tool is giving any errors or warnings that may indicate an issue with your configuration.

If none of these works, reach out to Shopify support or Google Analytics support for further assistance.


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This is a current bug with Shopify's GA4 set up. The view_item event should have a value.

I would also like to see view_item_list implemented for collections. But like Shopify's native universal analytics set up, it'll probably remain half-implemented and flawed for its life.

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I'm wondering if you managed to fix this issue? I'm experiencing the same problem. This field contains the correct data everywhere else, but it's NaN for the 'view_item' event.

Thank you.