Why is Facebook ad tracking showing as 'unknown' on my store?

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Hi there,


I would like to receive help from this great community. 

My store used to track utm and facebook ads properly. But know it does not recognize the source (facebook ads) anymore.


Pixel is set properly, utm tags are in place, conversion api is connected, and data sharijg between facebook business manager and shopify is all good. 

ask to you:

does anyone know how to make the source change from “unknown” to “facebook”?


see screenshot for use case. 


thanks a million





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i have the same problem! its also saying for me unknown source since like 28th of May.
Its really bad since the conversion dont get tracked good for Meta Ads, so the targeting got worser....

Do you found a solution for this maybe?

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not solved yet.

tbh i switched more and more to the marketing tab or the daily analysis overview. there is seems to be tracked better. 

did you see the marketing tab?


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Same issue here. Shopify reports it as unknown source but when you look at the details it has a UTM and the source is identifiable. I doubt that these UTM's are signaled back to facebook ads. That's how fb ad manager has crazy low conversion reporting. 

btw no only FB ads results in unknown source. I see it with google shopping too now and then but it's a lot less than fb.