Why is Google Merchant Center disapproving all my products?

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So yesterday I went through all the steps to set up my site in Google Merchant Center, including downloading the Google and YouTube app. After hours of wending my way through this BS I get the results of the product feed. Google DISAPPROVED every single item in my store because they claim I am selling prescription medication when in reality I am selling handmade jewelry that I make myself! So now I am supposed to request a review for every single item individually? That's 117 requests! ARE THEY FREAKING KIDDING ME? Beyween Shopify and Google I am about to just shut the whole damned thing down. 😣

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Hello! I understand the frustration that comes with product disapproval, especially if the reason is highly inaccurate. However, this is a common error that many merchants face and consequently can be very easily resolved too. I would suggest not giving up just yet. 


The right way to resolve this would be to first recheck the data you’ve submitted to Google Merchant Center and keep an eye out for any indicators of why your products are not showing up as handmade products.   


This could be due to an issue with the MPNs or GTINs (identity codes for each individual product). Since handmade products are not part of a particular manufacturer, you can use the store name as the [brand] and use a unique identifier [MPN] of your choice. 


I suggest cross-checking the product category too. 


Also, Google verifies all your products even if you raise a request for a single product to be reviewed. So, this solves the problem of raising a request for every single product that has been disapproved. 


Another simpler option is to try out a feed management solution like AdNabu. The app will sync data from your Shopify store and import it to Google by itself and significantly simplify the feed creation and submission process to the Google merchant center. 


They offer a user-friendly interface (especially for beginners), follow guidelines set by Google, AI optimization to create better product feeds & fill in any missing field (if enough data is available), and opt-in/opt-out products from the Google merchant center—all within the app to simplify advertising on Google. 


Additionally, for customized products without identifiers(MPNs or GTINs) you could bulk edit the ‘identifier exists’ field as ‘No’. This data will be pushed to Google Merchant Center and help you avoid disapprovals. 


All of this comes at an affordable price and is a smarter choice to avoid the hassle of resubmitting your products each time.

Bhakti Shah | Content Writer@ AdNabu

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