Why is Google not indexing my videos?

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In google search console under "video pages" it shows that none of my videos are indexing. The reason is "Video not processed". The explanation for that reason is "Google detected that the page has at least one video on it, but decided not to index the video." Here are links to some of my videos.






Bonus question, is there a way to create a new area on my site like "pages" or "blogs" but different? Example: https://shopenasupply.com/videos

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Hey @Shopena,


If you see this message, it means Google identified a video on your site but decided not to index it. What’s difficult is that you may not immediately know why. Continually monitor the Search Console. Several days after you make a change, you may see that your video indexing report reflects that your video now appears in search results.


Google detected that the page has at least one video on it, but Google could not index any video found for some reason. See Video indexing requirements to learn indexing requirements, or Troubleshooting to learn how to identify and fix the issue. Information about only one video can be shown in the report, even if multiple videos were found.


It's important to note that Google only indexes one video per page. There’s no way around it. So if you find a “detected videos” status on your indexing report, Search Console is telling you that it found your videos, but only one has been indexed.

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Hello, Thanks for the info. I went through the video indexing requirements and it looks like i meet all of them. Maybe i missed something?


I did change my HTML from <IFRAME> to <VIDEO> based on the recommendation here. Then i requested "validation" in google search console > index > video pages.  It says on top "video not processed".  And below "Validation started". In the details it shows 27 pending and 1 failed, so it's not looking good. I didn't get a reason for the one that failed.


Any idea of a fix? Or how to get someone from Google to give more info?

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Hello @Shopena,

Gina here from flareAI - your Fully Automated Free Sales Machine.


"Google detected that the page has at least one video on it, but decided not to index the video" message means Google has identified the video in your store but decided not to index it. Google won't index every page it crawls. 


I suggest you optimize the video content on your website by following these steps:


1. Make sure to include only one video per page.
Google only indexes one video per page. It’s that simple. 
2. Double check and see if your video is visible on all different types of screens like mobile, and other desktops also.
3. Google can index a video only if it fulfills width: 140-1080 pixels and height: 140 pixels or wider. Please see the complete list of requirements for a video to be indexed by Google.
4. Make sure your video thumbnail is in image format only and at least 60×30 pixels. Provide a high-quality thumbnail.
5. If you're using the <video> HTML tag, specify the poster attribute.
6. The thumbnail file must be accessible by Googlebot. Don't block the file with robots.txt or password protected
7. Try to upload your video to YouTube and provide the YouTube link on your website. If you do this, consider adding an appropriate title, description, tags, and keywords while you upload your video to YouTube
8. If none of these are working, try to host the video on your website(
https://shopenasupply.com) instead of using the CDN video link and add the video link from your website in the video player something like https://shopenasupply.com/yourvideo.mp4.

Follow the above tips and adjust as needed and daily submit your sitemap to Google and see whether the issue gets fixed.

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