Why is my brand not selling?

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Why isn’t my brand selling 

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Really?  That's all you give us and wonder what's going on.

1. Who is your customer and why should they care about your store and whatever you sell?

2. Does anyone else sell what you sell?  Is it better, faster delivered, cheaper, more options etc..

3. Ask better questions.  Do you really think if you open a store people will buy?  

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Hi @Mccostello, thank you for your question. As of now, we think there's still very little information for us to give out any suggestion but here are some questions you can start to answer:


1. What is your niche/ industry? Is it large enough and still in the process of expanding/ upsurging year by year? Is it still available for small business owners like you to jump in?

2. Is your niche a market where it's hard to make a difference? 

3. Who are your targeted customers? Did you map out a buyer persona? What are their habits? What content do they prefer to see? Did you have a proper testing plan for different content angles?

4. What channels are you going to choose to promote your brand on? Are they enough?

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