Why is my conversion tracking reporting inaccurate transaction counts and revenues?

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Hello. I'm having a strange issue occur across all of my ad platforms (Facebook/Instagram, Google, Bing) where one of two things is happenings – either the transaction count being reported is too high or the transaction revenue is too low. I figured this out because the average order value is too low for the products offered in my store and prior to launching with Shopify, my normal AOV was $70-$80 (it is more like $40-$50 now).


I have everything set up in Google Tag Manager. These conversion events are firing when the page URL contains "thank_you". I've been trying to figure out if my value variable is off. I originally had it set to subtotal and realized I need the actual order total. I updated that this morning for the value variable to be Shopify.checkout.total_price but haven't seen any conversions come through since (which is odd and makes me think the variable is wrong). I just updated the value variable to be total_price | money_without_currency


Does it sound like I'm doing either of these things incorrectly - the trigger for the page URL or the value variable?


Thank you!

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