Why is my Facebook account restricted after linking it to my store?

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i had a Facebook and page and they are running ads, i decided to connect them to my store. once i connected them i got restricted. and i could not find any solution. suggest a way to contact Facebook or shopify to figure out this problem. 


note: mu Facebook already confirmed my identity before connecting to shopify store.



please anyone help

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Hi Mohamed,


Here is the way to contact Facebook and Shopify support.


Contact Facebook support: log into your Facebook Ads account and go to the "Help" section. From there, you can submit a request to Facebook's support team.


Contact Shopify Support: You can do this by logging into your Shopify account and going to the "Help" section, where you can submit a request to Shopify's support team.


It's important to provide as much information as possible when contacting either Facebook or Shopify support, including screenshots, ads, and store URLs, so that they can assist you more effectively.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck resolving the issue.

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Hello @MohamedAR,


I am Gina from flareAI app, and I am here to provide assistance.

If your Facebook account has been restricted, here are some steps you can follow to resolve the issue:

1. Review Facebook's Community Standards
Facebook restricts accounts that violate the company's Community Standards. Review the standards to determine if your account was restricted for a specific reason.

2. Check your account settings
Go to your account settings and see if there are any notifications or alerts indicating why your account was restricted.

3. Submit an appeal
If you believe your account was restricted by mistake, you can submit an appeal to Facebook. You can do this by visiting the "Help Center" and clicking on the "Report a login issue" link.

4. Wait for a response
After you submit an appeal, Facebook will review your request and respond to you via email. Be patient, as it may take several days for Facebook to get back to you.

5. Create a new account
If your appeal is unsuccessful, you may need to create a new Facebook account and start fresh. Make sure to follow Facebook's Community Standards to avoid having your new account restricted.


You can also connect with the Facebook support team for help.

It's important to note that Facebook can and will permanently restrict accounts that repeatedly violate the company's Community Standards.


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