Why is my Facebook Catalog not displaying product names and prices correctly?

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I recently made a campaign. everything was going fine but when it was time for remarking through the catalog there was some major problem. As its shopify catalog has been made and I have ticked for every product to display in the catalog section and I made sets according to the category of each product, I checked and it says no issues found on products, and details can be seen of each product in commerce section but when I tried to use that catalog and sets I noticed that when I use the trigger of Product name or price it doesn't display the product name or price of all sets in the catalog it shows---"Facebook login or sign up" and create an account" as U can see in bellow photo. And a strange thing is that when I try to use a trigger in the primary text it displays in primary text say any trigger title or price but not in the headline and description. The photo is below Please give me some solutions on how to display the product's name and price trigger in the headline & description below image instead of the Facebook message in the retargeting catalog sales ad.

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