Why is my Facebook Pixel only tracking PageView and Add to Cart events?

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When using Pixel Helper, its shows only PageView and Add to Cart events. When I click Checkout, it is shown as PageView. Screenshot below.

Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 22.57.24.pngScreenshot 2022-11-27 at 22.57.30.png

I guess the same works with Purchase event. Because when I received the order from Facebook Ads, the ad was showing 0 checkout, 0 purchase.


I tried to create new pixels, but when I inspect them with Pixel helper, they dont track Checkout event.


This is what I see in Facebook Ads Pixel manager. It does not show that I clicked Checkout and Add payment info. And I did it many many times.


I contacted Facebook Support, was on the phone over an hour. They told me the issue is on Shopify's side.


Please help:)

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Recently, so many people are facing the same issue.

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@olinka012 there have been issues from time to time with the integration and its hard to pin down unless you can dig in to your backend.


There is a discussion going back a couple of years that seemed to highlight potential issues. Could be worth checking out.


Did you manage to get the Conversion API set up okay? 

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