Why is my GA4 revenue showing as zero after setting up purchase event?

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Hi, I set up the purchase event on my GA4 property via Tag Manager about 2 weeks ago. The problem is, my property is stilling showing a value of zero in revenue the event value metric is also showing zero. The purchase event is working fine.

One reason that i think is possible for this is that, while setting up the event, the trigger which i set was based on page path which means when the user will land on thank you page after ordering, the event tag will fire and i did it because the trigger purchase was not working. If this is the reason for revenue showing as zero, can you tell me how to fix it?
PLease help?
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I'm having the same issue.  I was told by someone from our development agency that the issue is occurring because we are using a theme scheduler.  This doesn't make sense to me because the only theme we schedule is for our homepage, revenue should be collected after checkout.  

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Check your GA4 Tracking Code in Checkout Setting in Shopify:

Find this code (or something like that):

"currency": "{ }",


Replace by this code:

"currency": "{{ currency }}",



"currency": "{{ shop.currency }}",


Hope you solve the issue.