Why is my Google Adwords Conversion tag inactive and how can I fix it?

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1. I have created Purchase Conversion at google Adwords - https://prnt.sc/uBxHg-5pSdFr

2. I have set all the tags manually from google - https://prnt.sc/enEQC9civfxu

3. I even turned on enhanced conversions - https://prnt.sc/qg9M7CPDB0E9

4. I have pasted it to the head part of theme.liquid  - https://prnt.sc/FGY5b9Z-OrKq

5. I also have added code to the Order status page - https://prnt.sc/GcixYKsugmNF


Then I tried to Test it from google - but the tag is inactive - https://prnt.sc/1mGc2ogIXU00


Why is so and how to make it work?

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