Why is my high traffic website getting low conversions?

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I need help, high traffic - low conversions and cant understand what I am doing wrong


Conversion rate is well below the average , cant afford to pay a CRO agency £2000 + a month for help 😞


My website is spoiledbrat.co.uk

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I audited the product page for Marshmallow S'Mores. Here's how you can improve it:

- install a review app and display product reviews instead of just linking to Trustpilot.

- change the background-color of the add to cart button so it stands out. Pick a color that is the opposite of your brand color and that's not found anywhere else on your page. Green, orange, and red call-to-action buttons convert best.

- list benefits above the fold

- add value proposition in the title and description.

- add social proof (testimonials and reviews). Buyers want to purchase products that others have already bought.

- add a three-step journey. It should explain how someone is going to get your product, and then how it's going to "transform their lives" via a benefit.

- add scarcity and urgency. For example "low in stock", "available now", "selling fast"

- add FAQ section

- add payment icons under the buy buttons. You can do this dynamically without installing any apps.

- add more trust seals and money-back guarantee


Let me know if you need help with this. I charge $200 USD for a product page.

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@spoiledbratuk  Hope you are doing well.


Here, are some suggestions from my end.

- Use website analytics tools to track user behavior. Look for pages where users drop off or abandon their shopping carts.
- Ensure that your website is optimized for speed and performance.
- Make sure your website is responsive and provides a good user experience on mobile devices. Now a day people do Shopping through the mobile only.
- Displaying customer reviews and testimonials can build trust and encourage conversions.
- Implement email marketing.

Please Remember, that improving your conversion rate is an ongoing process. It may take time and experimentation to find the right combination of elements that work for your specific audience.


- And one more thing, your website has too many things. try to make it simple and easier for the users.

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You've got a strong domain name, but a weak theme design, reeks of cheap dropshipping.

You've got no less than 2 nag popups when the page first loads for new visitors. 


@spoiledbratuk wrote:

 cant afford to pay a CRO agency £2000 + a month for help 😞

If they guarantee returns can you really afford to not invest in the business.


Beyond fixing that mindset, your site has all the systemic problems that so many other new merchants have that can not be fixed solely by a couple of free random feedback posts.

Search these forums for "traffic no sales" , do the research collate the problems apply them to your business as applicable then iterate and invest.

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Hi @spoiledbratuk, unfortunately good CRO agencies tend to be quite expensive.


One thing I would say is I don't get a strong sense of brand identity from the store, it feels a bit like just a lot of products shown rather than anything that really engages the user. It looks nice but maybe just needs some copy or sections that make the shopper feel closer to it. 


Another option is adding an exit poll to gather information from customers leaving the store. You can either get a developer to do this or install an app like "Exit Poll" to set it up quickly and cheaply.


Let me know if you have any questions,


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Hi @spoiledbratuk 

I have looked at your website and here's my opinion on what you can improve:


  1. You don't have product reviews. This means you lack a key pillar of a high-converting product page- trust. So, I suggest using a product review app like Ali Reviews, or Judge.me to add reviews to your store.
  2. Speaking about building trust, how about adding a live chat box on your store so you can support your customers better?
  3. The wishlist icon next to the add to cart icon doesn't work, so visitors might find it glitchy
  4. Your product descriptions are already quite detailed, but making them more scannable (using bullet points) to improve readability. (you can take a look at the product pages of Gymshark for reference).
  5. The menu has 9 items. I think this is a bit much, as your visitors may be confused between too many options. Ideally, I recommend 5-6 items on your many and leverage sub-collections


Overall, I think your website looks quite great. However, just so you know, a perfect website doesn't translate into sales. So apart from your website, I think these might be the possible reasons for your low conversions:


  • Pricing strategy: Is it possible that your target audience is price-sensitive and find alternatives that offer them a more affordable price? 
  • Availability: Your store is in the fashion niche- a fiercely competitive niche with saturated demand. If your customers can find a sweater or hoodie from a nearby store, they will not buy it online.


So in the long run, besides optimizing your web store, I suggest that you invest more in building your branding- the top reason customers buy from you even if your competitors' prices are lower or nearer.


I hope that this helps!

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