Why is my high traffic website having low conversions?

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Hi, im looking for some help please


We have high traffic coming into our website, but a really low conversion rate. I seem to have hit a brick wall with it though, and cant work out whats going wrong & why the traffic is not converting.


Ive tried to get agency help, but for a small business the prices they are quoting are ridiculous 


Can anyone give me some tips, advice etc? My website is spoiledbrat.co.uk


Google analytics is another language and I am struggling with it also 😞 

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I am no marketing expert, but if you are struggling to convert people who view your site, you could add a plugin where customers can talk to you if they have questions. I bet you would learn a lot just by talking to the customers directly. 


This app is free and allows prospective customers to ask questions like they are talking to a personal shopper: 



This app has some free plans but offers text based chat.