Why is my store not on google?

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I have done absolutely everything i could to get my website on google, registered with google analytics and all of that. I stayed up all night watching tutorials and reading paragraphs and i still dont know what im doing. How do i get help with this? 

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Did you try the Google search console? You can submit, verify your website and sitemap. It may take some time after you do this. You will be able to check the URL, view the tested page etc.

Here is the link that shows how to get on google if you want to try.

Good luck!


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Hello @Shazz2,

To appear in search results though, Google has to first find your website content. You can submit your store's sitemap in Google Search Console.

I suggest you install flare by Mansion Ecommerce.  Instead of waiting for Google and Bing to find website pages, flare pro-actively, and verifiably push site updates to major search engines daily.
Focus on creating content relevant to your customers, brand, and business. Let flare worry about informing Google, Bing, and many major search engines of your awesome content.

Hope this helps,

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The best option is that you can try Google Search Console where you can submit sitemap and register your website and also helps you to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your website's presence in Google Search result pages.

Another simple solution is (For a Physical store) is to add your business to Google Map:

1) Go to Google My Business after that click on Get on Google
2) Enter your business information in the search box
3) Select or add your business in the menu bar
4) Verify your business which will take 1-2 weeks for a postcard to arrive with a verification pin
5) Confirm your business by setting up a Google+ page which is the first and foremost step in local search optimization and should be the highest priority these days for all businesses online.


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Hi @Shazz2 

You should submit your sitemap to Google, in case you do not know how to, this guide is for you: How to Add Sitemap on Shopify?

Hope it helps!

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Dear Shazz2,


Please try Google Search Console and after verification submit your live site and it's sitemap.


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hi im having problems with my google store too.

i submitted my sitemap to google and it says status success but 0 discovered URL's.

Then when i click on the success status link it shows me this:

/sitemap_blogs_1.xml Couldn't fetch0
/sitemap_collections_1.xml Couldn't fetch0
/sitemap_products_1.xml?from=5740810240158&to=5809295622302 Couldn't fetch0


Do you have any idea how i can fix this or what to do?


Thanks so much. figured id try to ask some ppl that know about sitemaps.

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I see you have it resolved, which is great!

For anyone who is running into the same issue as you, we show how to submit your sitemap to Google starting at 9:45, but I recommend watching the whole video as it shows how to do your SEO so that you are getting the right kind of traffic to your store (your target audience).

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