Why isn't Facebook accurately tracking my store's purchases?

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Hello everyone,


I have tremendous problems with shopify right now. I connected my shopify store with the facebook channel. Everything was set up correctly because the events manager showed events (view content ... purchase). But not a single purchase were shown in the ad manager. 

I do not get "direct" traffic yet. All my traffic comes from facebook or Insta. In the first three weeks I had 30 sales but not a single one was shown in the ad manager. After three and a half weeks 4 sales showed up in my ad manager. I have tried to track via my website domain, .myshopify domain and and just by using the pixel. Nothing worked! I tried a new Theme but it also didn't work.

Right now I am really frustrated and not interested in running my shop any longer. I have chatted several times with the shopify support, facebook support, GDPR app support. Everyone said that it is working fine....


But hey, seriously... how stupid do you think I am? 30 sales but just 4 purchases tracked by facebook? Don't tell me that all my customers are using an adblocker on their phone because that is what shopify told me.


If anyone of you have an idea what can be wrong, please tell me because I will close my shop otherwise.

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Hello @sv3n 

  This is a good question, but sorry for the frustration, you might encounter with your Shopify store.

   First I will advise you to get a personal domain, your Facebook ads are all good in conversation but I will also advise you to reintegrate the Facebook pixel they might be some errors that have occurred.

NOTE:  make sure you paste the Facebook pixel code to your store product and section of your choice like add to cart, make sure there is no mistake during this, if not the store can crumble. And that will be bad.


I will also suggest this, be dynamic with your marketing because I can see that Facebook ads are getting frustrated for you to the sense of quitting the online store, thou it might be working for you as you stated in your request, there are tons of social media channels that can also help you as well.


 Once again sorry about the frustration, 


  If the suggestion is welcomed 

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I've noticed this for awhile now. Shopify does not properly attribute sales that rightfully should have been tagged as Facebook. These sales are tagged as "Direct"... a catch all phrase for lazy coding on shopify's part imho.    Trust FB events over shopify events.