Why isn't Google Analytics correctly tracking my ad conversions?

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Hi Shopify Support,

Here is my website URL: https://reclaimedwithlove.com/

I'm running Google ads(PPC) of my website but Google Analytics not tracking the conversion tracking properly. It was working properly till the 19 March. After that I don't know what happened even I didn't make any change on the website through that conversion taking not working. On GA, it consider direct user only. I have checked my google ads everything is correct. Can you please review it what is going or what's the issue.




The 'purchase' event, which is sent automatically by Shopify, somehow arrives to GA4 Analytics without tracking details (Channel, Source, Medium, Campaign) and is shown as coming DIRECTLY to the website.


All other events have the proper tracking details within GA4, except for 'purchase'


The issue started appearing after the 19th of March, when we can see the last correctly tracked 'purchase'

Apart from the tracking details that are missing, the total order value differs too much from GA4 Revenue when compared to Shopify Revenue. This is also sent through the 'purchase' event. Could you please check that everything is set up correctly?



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