Why isn't Google displaying my optimized SEO for my blogs?

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In an attempt to improve my CTR I optimized my SEO on some of my blogs but my desired SEO (What appears in preview) it's different from what Google ends up showing.



Desired Metafields.jpg


Wrong Metafields BY GOOGLE.jpg

Why is this happening? Does it have a fix?


Thank you so much!


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Hi @outdoorbengal 


Thank you for the screenshots showing the comparison of the changes you made and what is still being reflected on Google. 


Rest assured that your site SEO will update on Google, but it can take time. Making changes does not guarantee that Google will recrawl your website immediately. You can resubmit your sitemap to Google or manually request that Google recrawl your site to help speed up the process. 


Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @outdoorbengal,


There're several reasons Google shows the wrong meta tags for your blog page.


If you’ve recently updated your meta tags, Google might not have crawled the page, or updated their index with your content. It can take time for Google to process the changes you made, depending on how frequently your website is crawled. You can also request that Google re-index your page using any of the methods listed here.


Another common reason that Google shows different meta tags than the ones you provided, is that they think that their title and description are better. Here are a few potential scenarios:

  • The title or meta description you specified isn’t relevant to the search query.
  • The title or meta description you specified is too short or too long.
  • The title or meta description you specified is not an accurate reflection of what your page is really about.

If Google decides to change, ignore, or show something other than your specified meta description, there’s, unfortunately, nothing that you can do about it. The best advice we can provide is to try a different description. Make sure your meta description accurately reflects what’s on your page keep it around 160 characters.


I hope my answer can help.


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Hello @outdoorbengal,

Mostly Google shows different meta descriptions as they think that their snippet is better than what you provided. If your meta descriptions aren’t doing a good job of helping users to get the right content , Google might show something different.


You can't force Google to use your meta description or title.


1. Make sure to add meta tags in Shopify character limits. You can use this tool to get correct meta tag character length .
2. Add a more accurate page title and description which reflects your on-page content
3. Make the page title and content unique
4. Daily submit your sitemap to Google

Your ongoing SEO efforts can only work if the page is indexed (found) by Google. Unless your site is many years old and has very few products, there is no guarantee that all the pages you carefully SEO'ed are actually indexed (found) by Google. You can try flareAI as a tool to get the basic necessity of getting found ( indexed ) verifiably submitted to Google for consideration. flareAI works daily for you, tapping into the world's largest free sales channels. flareAI help you to grow your revenue on the world's best free sales channels.

Hope this was helpful.

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There is a simple 3 steps solution.

1) Create a fresh sitemap of your site/blog.

2) Go to the Google search console, and submit the sitemap.

3) Fetched the website into Google for quick indexing, you can do this through 'URL inspection' tab in the search console.


please let me know if you need further assistance in the process.

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Hi @outdoorbengal 


This might be the case if you have recently updated the meta title and description, it might take some time to get crawled by Google, and then you will be able to see the updated meta tags.

You can also follow the steps below to make sure that the new meta tags are crawled:

1. You can create a new site map and upload it to the google search console.

2. Make sure to keep the meta title within the acceptable limits of 160 characters.

3. Ask Google to manually recrawl your store.


Hope this helps

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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