Why isn't my organic TikTok strategy driving traffic to my store?

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Hello , i have launched my store and i am two weeks in.


My budget is a bit low so i am trying to get traffic to my store organically (through tiktok) and it is  a bit difficult to get views.I also want to note that my tiktok profile hasn't reached 1000 followers yet in order for me to put the store link directly on my bio, so i have to put the instagram profile of my shop. Maybe this is preventing customers from clicking because they don't have immediate  access to the store? 

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Hello @NektariosSakkas,

I am Gina from flareAI app - get free sales from Google. Hope you are having a good day.

It can be challenging to drive organic traffic to a new Shopify store, especially with a limited budget. However, there are a few things you can try to improve your visibility and attract more visitors to your store through TikTok.

1. Create engaging content
Make sure the content you post on TikTok is visually appealing, informative, and interesting to your target audience. Use high-quality images or videos and consider adding text overlays or captions to make your content more engaging.

2. Use relevant hashtags
Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche or industry and that your target audience is likely to be searching for. This can help your content show up in search results and increase your visibility.

3. Collaborate with influencers
Consider reaching out to TikTok influencers in your niche or industry and ask if they would be willing to collaborate with you. This can help you reach a larger audience and attract more visitors to your store.

4. Include your store link in your videos
Even if you can't add a direct link to your store in your TikTok bio yet, you can still include your store link in the captions or video descriptions of your TikTok videos. This can help drive traffic to your store from interested viewers.

5. Use other social media platforms
While TikTok can be a great way to attract traffic to your store, it's important to use other social media platforms as well. Consider promoting your store on Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms where your target audience is likely to be active.

Finally, remember that building an audience and driving traffic to your store takes time and effort. Be patient, continue to create engaging content, and try different strategies to see what works best for your store.


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I think the task of making waves on TikTok will get costly no matter how you look at it, so I'd suggest you switch to a multi-pronged approach instead. For example, consider starting an email outreach campaign and incorporate off-page SEO tactics to drive traffic to your target URLs. As for the on-page SEO side of things, pumping fresh, informative and optimized content (scannable and supported by images and CTAs) can improve your SERPs ratings. 


So, what you've been doing is not a waste of time, but no budding brand can climb the ladder when relying on a single social profile only. 

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Hi @NektariosSakkas ,

This is Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert from PageFly- Advanced Page Builder. I have a few comments to give and hope it would make your store better.

About your question about the link in the Tiktok or Instagram bio, you can try an app that can help you to create a shortened link which contains all of your links there and you can share it in every bio on any social account to make sure your customers don't miss any channels. You can try Linkpop or Linktree app for this.

To gain more traffic, you can try to launch the Google ads or Facebook ads to have more conversion to your store. These are the most popular channels to run ads campaigns.

And you might want to update your store website layout to have a better CRO. You can consider my suggestions here:

  • Add the “Highlight product" for homepage

It's very common for the homewares store to show a highlight product on the homepage to boost sales and also make your customers know more about your store products.


  • Make your website responsive for all devices (laptop, tablet, mobile)

As researched, most customers will come to your website through mobile devices so checking your website in mobile and other devices is an important task when running an online store.

As of now, your website is not very mobile user friendly so it might low down your CRO. You can adjust the text size and the layout of all elements to make sure the store looks good on the mobile view.




And this is my suggestion. Hope this can help you to improve your store!

Richard - PageFly


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Hello NektariosSakkas,


First of all, congratulations on the new store!


Well, managing the Shopify store is not that easy, and getting traffic to the store with a limited budget can be a little complex. As TikTok is the main channel helping you to attract traffic, here are some tips for you:


1. Post Engaging Content on a Regular Basis

Posting on a regular basis is the key to keeping your viewers engaged with your account and retaining them in the long run. It is highly crucial to create engaging content that people find entertaining, which stops them from swiping up, and instead watching the entire videos. The engagement time of people with your video is one of the important metrics considered by TikTok’s algorithm, which enhances the visibility of your website on the platform. Moreover, entertaining and engaging content is often shared by the people, which increases its reach.


2. Take Inspiration from the Most-Viewed Videos

You shall take inspiration from the most-viewed videos on the platform and create short videos with similar content or story. This can help you to get as much engagement and views as that video and enhance the engagement on your channel or handle.


3. Follow the Trends
TikTok and Instagram have some or the other trend going on, and people following the trend often benefit from getting high views and engagement on their content. So, it is recommended to create the content for your business account keeping in mind the ongoing trend to increase views and engagement on your videos.


4. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are people with a huge following on social media platforms. Thus, collaborating with them on social media can benefit you in enhancing your reach. Here are some suggestions:

  • Offer them free products to ask them to talk about your products or business in their videos
  • Sponsor their videos
  • Remix with their video or tag them in your videos
  • Request for creating a video together

5. Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags work in similar ways the keywords work on search engines. Using hashtags enhances the visibility of the videos on the platforms, and also allows you to target the right target audience on the platforms. 

You can identify some hashtags that are relevant to your business or its products and use these hashtags in your videos. The video can rank higher on the search results page, whenever the user uses that hashtag to search the videos.


6. Respond to the Comments and DMs from your Followers

Responding to the comments and DMs of your followers is the best way of keeping them engaged with your social media handle and business. It makes you look responsible, which shall help you build trust among your followers and increase the business credibility on the platform. This can also help you to encourage the followers to become loyal customers.


7. Host Live Stream on TikTok

Live Streaming is one of the great ways to enhance the engagement of your TikTok followers. Hosting a live stream is an effective way of connecting with the followers on much personal level in real-time, which shall increase their trust in your business. Additionally, this personal-level engagement shall help you better understand your customers and their needs, which can act as insightful feedback for you.


8. Make use of TikTok Analytics

TikTok Analytics can help you better understand the demographics of your audience/followers and their engagement with your channel/handle. It generates quantifiable data that makes it easier for you to make comparisons to understand the improvement your TikTok handle has made over time and understand if you are targeting the right set of audiences with your videos.


9. Engage with Other People’s Content 

Engaging with other people’s content is one of the best ways of enhancing the visibility of your handle on the platform, which helps in attracting the audience to your channel.

You can engage with other accounts by liking and commenting on their videos and joining their live stream. You shall focus on engaging with the social media accounts of your key competitors to dissect their strategy and understand how they are attracting a huge volume of audience.


10. Consider Other Social Media Platforms Too

Don’t be completely dependent on TikTok, rather focus on other social media platforms too, like Facebook and Instagram, to target the audience on different platforms, gain their trust, and attract them to your Shopify stores.


Don’t ever forget to link your website in your videos to help your viewers to easily find the store.


Hope it helped!