Why online retailers are still playing catch up with video content?

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Video marketing is the next big thing. Right from Amazon, to Nike to an Etsy store owner everyone is doubling down on creating better video content. Yet, e-commerce merchants are laid back when it comes to video marketing.


In the first episode of The Impatient Marketer, Sanket Shah, Founder of InVideo, throws light on how creating and curating video content will become an inevitable part for online retailers and what they need to do to make their mark. He talks about the investment needed for video marketing, the different kind of video content and types of videos that can be created. He also explains everything you need to know about video ads, and how marketers can put together a video marketing strategy and monitor it.


There is a lot more covered than just that! Head here to check out the entire episode.

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We all know that content is a king. In fact, it is one of the best and most important investments that online retailers can make. There are several types of content that generate demand in eCommerce, and you need to decide which will suit your audience the most and help you improve your strategy. Let’s cover the benefits of using video and why it is said to be the most powerful form of content in eCommerce.


1. Confidence Boost

57% of consumers claim that videos boost their confidence in the products they purchase. Visual information is easier to retain and is much more engaging than reading the text. In reality, most of your consumers are busy and have no time to read through long product descriptions.


2. Organic Traffic

Video is a great way of driving consumers to your website, which also means increased conversions. Video gives your audience an opportunity to see your products in action and once they’ve viewed it, the chance they will visit you site afterwards are much higher. Search engines such as Google favour websites with videos, which means higher search engine rankings for you site.


3. Online Shoppers Love Video

People would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, simply because it is more entertaining and informative. Millions of people spend hours watching YouTube videos, so imagine how including those on your website can improve your business’ performance.


4. Winning the Attention

Consumers remember better what they’ve watched to what they’ve read, and that’s the truth. Video appeals to everyone from various age groups and demographics, from lazy shoppers to social media enthusiasts. What is more, people share the videos they’ve watched more often than written posts.


Videos can be digested with minimal effort and it is much easier for your consumers to remember what they’ve watched to what they’ve read about your product or service. Video can bring a lot of perks to your content strategy, such as more engagement and leads to more conversions, simple as that.

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The video selling concept is exceptional and it shows the importance of showcasing your products to the world by creating engaging videos and informative explainer videos.


The product explainer videos have the Innate Ability to convert easily thereby increase revenue for the store.


The key stat to be noted is website visitors are 64%-85% most likely to buy a product online after watching video


People love consuming video content.