Why variant-URLs if there are no variants? Cannot redirect it the variant URL.

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My client´s shop has very simple products (card games).

There are NO variants and in the product setting, the variant box is NOT selected.

However, in addition to the normal product URL (in this case https://www.jasswelt.ch/products/patience-einzel-blauGoogle has found and indexed variant  URLs, in this case: https://www.jasswelt.ch/products/patience-einzel-blau?variant=40425507520663 (yes, this URL has a correct rel-canonical, but I do not want it and I do not need it to be indexed by Google).

1. How and why could Google find this?

2. Although it has a rel-canonical in place, I want to 301-redirect the URL with the parameter to the canonical URL. However, after placing the "variant-URL" in the redirect-list using the Shopify redirect function, it does NOT redirect. Does anybody know why and can tell me, how I can redirect it?



Thanks for any help!



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