Widget content not appearing in Google rendered HTML?

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I'm trying to understand why a widget's content doesn't appear in Google's rendered HTML. 


On Squarespace, this image description data appeared in Google's rendered HTML, thus allowing it to get picked up when crawled. On Shopify with Elfsight Portfolio, this image description does not appear in the rendered HTML, thus it's not getting picked up for SEO. This has led to a decrease in site traffic (these pages are lead generating pages that work really well).


When I look at the page source code in my browser, I can see all the descriptions, but Google's tools don't. All it sees is the div where the widget eventually appears.


Is there a way to fix this or account for it so that it begins appearing in the rendered HTML again? Can I force it to load in or something?


<div class="elfsight-sapp-b3fbadc0-16e2-11ea-a21f-6fad2246da5a" style="display: flex; justify-content: center;"></div>


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