Will Changing the name of my store disrupt all the effort I have put into SEO?

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Hello!  I am wondering if, by changing the name/tagline of our store, would it mess up the SEO efforts we have put in?

So, some backstory:  I work at KODA.  Our site is KODAusa.net, and we want to keep it as that.  When you google us, we show up as KODA organics.  We sell organic aprons, but have been thinking of getting some patterned fabrics in, and those do not come in organic fabrics (in the oz that we use).  We we are thinking of changing the store tosomething like KODA aprons, or KODA by chameleon (chameleon is our parent company). 

How would that effect the SEO we have done?  Is it a pain to change Google buisnesses/places, etc.  What are all the cosiderations for something like this? 

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Typically SEO isn't - and shouldn't be - the driving force behind changing the name of your company. Whatever your reasons might be for changing your company's name, there are impacts to consider- both good and bad from an SEO perspective. Here are some reasons a company might change their name.

  • Expansion of Business (i.e. "Paul's Dry Cleaning -> Paul's Dry Cleaning and Laundromat")
  • Moving your Business (i.e. "Audi of Lincolnshire" -> "Audi of Arlington Heights")
  • Merger
    • Combining Companies ( Exxon + Mobil = ExxonMobil)
    • Acquisition (Verizon acquired GTE and Cellco Still called Verizon.)
  • Change in Business / Re-brand (Research in Motion famously changed their company name to Blackberry, since that was their signature product).

The Bad Thing


This is more of a problem for large companies, rather than small, but it does affect everyone.

In case you changed domain name


An often overlooked factor in organic search is the age of your domain.


Will changing your company name get you better SEO results? Likely Not.

Will it hurt your SEO efforts? Yes, if you don't take the appropriate precautions when it comes to setting up redirects or doesn't make sure to secure an appropriate domain.

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