Will it affect SEO of my Store changing from example.com to www.example.com?

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I do not know if changing domain from example.com to www.example.com will affect SEO of my Store, if someone could help me.


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 Hi @FranciscoJavier


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It does not really matter which one you use from an SEO perspective, but there are a few pros and cons for each.


If you have the www version as the preferred version of your site, you should not have the non-www domain indexed.


Make sure that you should only have one version indexed, which avoids duplicate content issues. 

Redirects should only be used if absolutely necessary. Once they are used, it will take Google some time to crawl and index the changes and some visibility can be lost.

If you have both versions indexed, make sure your 301 redirects to the preferred version that has the most traffic, links, and authority. Continue to optimize and build content to make your brand a success online.




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It really doesn't matter which one you use from an SEO perspective. Having another version of your domain doesn’t impact your website SEO ranking.

Although, you can go ahead and index the www.example.com version,
Google always redirects your website’s pages to the best version which suits your domain. However, if you want to change your domain name to www.example.com, there can be a possibility of having different versions of your website’s web pages. Also, if you want to rank only your www.example.com webpages, In this case you can use canonical tags for all the web pages which are currently present on your site, it allows the search engine to avoid the duplicity of the content. So, this will help the search engine (Google) to better understand what pages you want to rank first.

Brief description about canonical tags - By using the canonical tag, you can simply tell the search engines which version of a URL you want to be visible in search results.


What does a canonical tag look like?


Here’s what each part of this code means -


  1. link rel=“canonical” - This link in the tag is the master (canonical) version of the page.
  2. href=“https//cedcommerce.com/blog” - This canonical version can be found at this URL.

Note - Canonical tags are placed within the <head> section of a web page

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hi @FranciscoJavier 

The answer to your question is Yes, moving your site to another domain will wipe out your SEO effort. You should expect at least 6 months of lower traffic while Google does their job to refresh things. In some cases, it may take about a year. 
What you can do is that you should use redirects to maintain already engaged audiences. Don't change the content or site structure. 

What I recommend you to do if you want to switch to a new domain is that you should wait until it's a slow season and maybe increase your paid ads budget for the next 6 months until a year (because obviously you're not gonna gain too much revenue from SEO).
You might want to consider hiring an SEO consultant who can help you handle the domain transition process. 
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Hope you'll find my answer helpful. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future!

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